FigureGear Pro - 1 Year

    FigureGear Pro - 1 Year


    FigureGear Pro - 1 Year

    FigureGear Pro is an offer for customizers who want to buy all of what we offer (STLs) at a deep discount. The STLs may be used to print accessories for your own collection or if you offer customs services you can use them in your customs or sell the painted and finished accessories.

    Important: I'll send an invite to access the downloads and community as soon as I see your order. I'll work on automating this in the future but for now expect access within 1-8 hours.

    Access to all of our STL files for one year

    You'll receive instant access to every file we've created and every file we release will be provided to you as long as you're a FigureGear Pro member.

    FigureGear Pro Community for one year

    After purchasing you'll get an instant invite to the FigureGear Pro community.

    Not a subscription

    This is not a subscription, so you won't get a surprise charge in a year from now. After one you can either purchase another year of access or choose to no longer be a member.


    No Refunds

    If you need to test our STLs please try a few of our files first. I offer refunds in every case except the pro plan. I can't have someone coming in, downloading every file we've made and then getting a refund because I have no control over what they do with the files after that.





    Recommended Resin

     Weapons: Resione K Black Tough Resin

    Head Sculpts: Resione M70 High Precision Resin

    Body armor, belts, holsters etc: Resione F69 Flexible Resin

    Our STL License

    You may print and use the model in your own custom action figures. There is no limit to the amount of times you can print the model.

    You may use the printed models in your own customs, commissions projects or sell them to your customers.

    You can not:

    • No reselling the digital files.
    • No reselling of digital files (even if modified) as part of another piece of work or set of files.
    • No giving the files away for free.
    • No giving the prints away for free as this would lower the value of the license purchased by other customers.