Configurable Weapon Rack

    Configurable Weapon Rack


    Configurable Weapon Rack

    Snap fit allows for painted parts. Glue required for assembly.

    Business License for this product will be available on April 22, 2022. Until that time FigureGear Pro members have exclusive business license to sell 3D prints of this product.


    • Configurable Weapon Rack
      • rifle-rack-top.stl
      • rifle-rack-top-supported.stl
      • rifle-rack-bottom.stl
      • rifle-rack-bottom-supported.stl
      • base-back.stl
      • base-back-supported.stl
      • base-left.stl
      • base-left-supported.stl
      • base-middle.stl
      • base-middle-supported.stl
      • base-right.stl
      • base-right-supported.stl
      • peg.stl
      • peg-supported.stl
      • peg-board-left.stl
      • peg-board-left-supported.stl
      • peg-board-right.stl
      • peg-board-right-supported.stl
      • peg-board-support-left.stl
      • peg-board-support-left-supported.stl
      • peg-board-support-right.stl
      • peg-board-support-right-supported.stl


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