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If you're waiting on ONE12 Shop orders, and want to keep up with our updates book mark this page. Contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Update: Nov 1 2021

If you're still waiting on a ONE12 Shop pre-order from 2020 it will be shipped between now and mid Nov with a few exceptions detailed below.

Ninja Commando Sets and Figures - After receiving a sample of the Ninja Commando soft goods the pants were too large. They were fitted to Mezco Punisher rather than Blade so Bestlee is currently redoing 160 pairs of pants and they will ship to me during October. Depending when I receive them it will effect the timeline above for those orders. Update: Soft goods are received and Ninja Commando sets and figures are shipping! 

Mando - Mando soft goods have been designed. They will begin production once the ninja commando soft goods are done. Mando sets will ship when the soft goods are done. Once I have a solid timeline on them I will update everyone who ordered a mando set directly by email.

Other soft goods - The priority on soft goods is Ninja Commando and Mando because they effect the most people. If your order is held up by other soft goods I will let you know by email. I'll give 3 choices. You can choose to have those items refunded, replaced by other products of similar value, or wait for bestlee to complete them. Unfortunately I'm putting a lot on his plate but if you do want to wait we will of course fulfill the items for you.

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