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Update: Jul 13 2021

To get things going in a more reliable fashion I'm shifting about 90% of production to factories. This will be a superior product to 3D printing and way better for my health and sanity.

I'm working with a few factories to get production ramped up. The old plan was to fulfill all orders and then do the Mando box but this enables us to work everything at the same time.

I'm new to working with factories so it will take a little time getting everything rolling (I think 2 weeks). I have to alter 3D models in some cases and answer any questions they have to make sure everything is done correctly. They have to send me samples and that causes some delay as well. The Punisher sets and some other items are already in production.

In addition I'm testing a new resin right now that a friend in the community found that has flex and elastic properties. If it works out it will be better for the flex parts that I do print myself.

Custom Snake Eyes Figures

The cost of Blade figures has gone up to $160-180 and have been that way for a while. They're also not available that much. I've been buying them 2-3 at a time and need about 15 more (if you have one for sale let me know, I need the original, not MDX. Can be loose). Once I get more soft goods for them I will be able to finish them up.

Mando ONE:12 Box

I have half of the bodies for the Mando figures in hand and the rest are in route. I'll post a picture or maybe a video soon. It's pretty cool seeing so many mix max bodies lol. I'm working with bestlee to get production on the soft goods for mando going as soon as possible but this will depend on his schedule. When they're done I'll have about 20 extra Mando figures that I'll make available to anyone who missed a chance to pre-order.

New Estimate

I'm still in the middle of getting too much outsourced production rolling to give a really solid estimate. I would conservatively estimate that the factory produced orders will start shipping in 6-8 weeks and the longest anyone should have to wait is 12-14 weeks. Orders and customer service issues that don't need factory involvement will be shipping sooner.


Why the Timeline/Estimate Change?

Large businesses suffer set backs, and delays. Businesses with hundreds of employees get timelines wrong very often. When their employees are sick or on vacation there are other people there to pick up the slack. If they're behind on a deadline they have resources to find new suppliers or hire more employees to meet demand. None of these are luxuries that I have.

If I'm sick orders don't progress. If my resin becomes unavailable, not only can I not move forward I have to spend significant money and time to find a new resin mix that is as good as the previous. My resin expense is typically about $2000 per month so I couldn't afford to get it wrong. When my daughter quit I lost half of my production team. I couldn't replace her because of covid and she worked in my house. I hired help to try to reach our last estimated timeline, but that was a very mixed bag. I have more than 100 head sculpts I have to paint or have painted again. Almost 100 daywalker vests that all need to be touched up to the point that I probably could have painted them faster from scratch. There's things like this that I can't or didn't anticipate. I know it's frustrating for you all, and it's very demoralizing for me as well. Moving production to factories solves this problem. 

I also have the flaw of being overly optimistic. I prefer to live that way but in this case it hasn't served me or you well. For some reason when I'm thinking timeline I see everything going right. I don't consider things like  my resin becoming unavailable (I know now) or contractors not doing the quality of work I need and know them to be capable of. If I had a medium or large company this kind of stuff would be much less impactful.

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