How it Works

We design 3D printable action figure accessories for customizers. Consider us your design team! You can order the 3D prints of our designs or buy a license (STL) to print them yourself. We even have business and casting licenses if you want to be able to make money using our designs.

How long is the wait?

All items are in stock and typically ship within 2 business days. If you order an STL option the files are delivered instantly.

What is the skill level required if I order the "Print it for me!" option?

Our service is tailored to customizers. What you'll receive is the accessories you order on supports as they are when they come off of the 3D printer (seen in the image below. This allows us to remove bottlenecks on our end and get more of our designs in the hands of more customizers.

We will print, clean and cure the accessories.

The process of removing supports is very easy. It's recommended that you use a pair of micro cutters and a sanding file as shown in the photo above.

How to use our printed parts: