Vigilante Harness Set Plus
Vigilante Harness Set Plus
Vigilante Harness Set Plus

    Vigilante Harness Set Plus


    Vigilante Harness Set Plus

    Vigilante Harness set is made to fit Mezco ONE:12 Punisher and VToys Body Zero. Should fit similarly sized figures.

    Ships within 3 business days.

    Set Includes

    • 1 x Body Harness w/ Glock Holster and Magazine Storage
    • 1 x Leg Holster
    • 1 x Leg Assault Rifle Magazines
    • 1 x Desert Eagle Pistol
    • 2 x Desert Eagle Magazine
    • 1 x Glock
    • 3 x Glock Magazine (enough for gun and storage in harness)


    Recommended Resin

     Weapons: Resione K Black Tough Resin

    Head Sculpts: Resione M70 High Precision Resin

    Body armor, belts, holsters etc: Resione F69 Flexible Resin

    Our STL License

    You may print and use the model in your own custom action figures. There is no limit to the amount of times you can print the model.

    You may use the printed models in your own customs, commissions projects or sell them to your customers.

    You can not:

    • No reselling the digital files.
    • No reselling of digital files (even if modified) as part of another piece of work or set of files.
    • No giving the files away for free.
    • No giving the prints away for free as this would lower the value of the license purchased by other customers.