Production Updates & News

by Brian Lowry on August 21, 2020

Production Update

There are a few exceptions but for the most part we are caught up to Feb orders. There are a few people we're working with who had order issues, and there are some missing soft goods that need to wait for our next soft goods shipment. This is my fault (Brian Lowry), I thought I had ordered enough soft goods but we are short some. If this applies to you I'll email you directly. March orders are on track to be fulfilled by or before September 1. 

We're currently completing about 1 month of orders in 2 weeks and that is what this timeline is based on. It's not an exact science since each month's orders aren't the same, so treat this as an estimate and I'll do a new update like this every Friday.


New Customer Service Rep

Steve Wagner or cobrashadowjoes on IG is taking over our customer service. This will be a huge help, and no more slow response times for you guys. This frees me up to work more on production and product development, so big thank you to Steve.

These are our only valid support channels:

DM one12shop facebook page

DM one12shop instagram page

email to


New Product Releases

Comic inspired Blade Armor

Daywalker Vest Golden