News and Updates April 2020

by Brian Lowry on April 02, 2020

If You're Currently Waiting on an Order

Everything including ONE12 Box will be delayed to some extent. I'll do my best to minimize the delays. The delays are because of multiple things, one being my 3D printer problems I've discussed several times on IG, facebook and youtube. Our soft goods partner is also in Wuhan China and has been effected by the Carona Virus. We're making a lot of changes right now to minimize the delays so please bear with me for a little longer.

What's Changing

I've decided that I have to completely change the way ONE12 Shop operates. I don't want to be the type of seller that only sells to a few people and closes orders so my other option is to find ways to produce as much product as people want. Starting now ONE12 Shop will operate more like a traditional business. 

My role in this business will be to design new products, get feedback from you guys and create the prototypes. Once I've created the prototypes, manufacturing and painting of all products will be outsourced in a way that eliminates bottlenecks. I'll be using a factory who can handle my production needs very easily. I have multiple skilled painters that will be doing the painting of my products. No longer will I be a bottleneck for any product production.

Items will still be hand painted by talented people. I won't do anything that lowers the quality in anyway, I'll actually be trying to improve quality during this transition. 

I'm very excited about this. It means I get to do the things I love, create new products, and release them at a much faster pace. The wait time for products will be drastically decreased, ideally down to you order and the items ship within 24 hours.

New Products Coming

I've been holding back a lot of stuff that's near ready for release because of the backlog of orders. With the new model, orders will no longer be held up by previous orders. A new product can go straight to the factory instead of waiting on my 3D printers to be available. So I'll be releasing several new products over the next few weeks. The reason I'm doing this is because I need income to keep ONE12 Shop going. The resin I use is very good, and not cheap. It costs $90 per bottle. 3D printers have maintenance costs and I also need cash flow to start pushing everything through the factory and get orders out ASAP.

Here's what will be available over the next few weeks:

  • Blade head sculpts (normal and angry)
  • Snake eyes head sculps (ninja style and commando style)
  • Beachead/Firefly style head sculpts (normal and battle damaged)
  • Robin style head sculpts (unmased, masked, battle damaged)
  • Mezco ONE:12 Punisher Spec Ops upgrades
  • Desert eagle holsters in multiple variations
  • Comic book Blade body armor
  • Other upcoming Bat Family related products can't be revealed until ONE12 Box ships.