Future of ONE12 Shop and ONE12 Box

by Brian Lowry on February 25, 2020

Future of the ONE12 Shop

I'll no longer be having sales deadlines. When I stop accepting orders there's always a bunch of people who message me because they didn't know there was a deadline, or they have the money a few days later. This takes time just to deal with the messages that could be spent better ways.

The shop will operate like a normal shop with the products always available. The exception is if sales get out of hand and I'm at risk of not fulfilling the orders in a timely manner. If I need to I'll simply mark a product sold out but there will not be arbitrary order deadlines to control sales volume. We have really good momentum on the Daywalker orders now so I'll be turning orders on today and there will be no more posts regarding sales deadlines etc.

Future of the ONE12 Box

The April ONE12 Box will be delayed until first week of May. The 3 month window just isn't the appropriate size to get the creators together and plan and execute a solid box. There's no margin for error there and basically depends on everything going perfectly to work.

For this reason I'm moving the ONE12 Box to take be twice per year instead of quarterly. People who purchased 4 boxes for 2020 will just have they're boxes extend to 2021. Each box will be limited to 100 customers. After working on a few of them now I'm pretty confident this is the right way to go.

2019 Daywalker Orders

The 3D printing issues slowed me down a lot but I have really good momentum now and am getting them out as fast as possible. As always thank you everyone for you patience. If you missed my updates about the printer related delays see the two youtube videos below.

Daywalker Orders Update and More 

Daywalker Vest 3D Printing Experiment

Coming Soon

Several new head sculpts

Products for Mezco ONE:12 spec ops punisher

More holsters and weapons

Deadpool Uncanny X-Force kit for Mezco ONE:12 Deadpool

Generic kitbash products like belts and pouches with diverse use cases

Bat family related products that will be featured in the ONE12 Box

More soft goods options

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