Fixing Production & Status Updates

by Brian Lowry on May 05, 2020


As I posted on social media, things with the factory I'm trying to work with aren't progressing as fast as I hoped. So we're taking different short term steps to speed up production and get all the orders out. The goal is all orders fulfilled before July. For some reason when I say that, many people message me and think I'm saying they have to wait until July but that's not the case. Orders ship all the time, that's just our current goal for ALL existing orders.

11 3D Printers!

Starting in about a week from today we'll have 11 3D printers running. Since we can't use the factory yet, we're just ramping up our factory. Up until now we've only been using 4 3D printers so this is a huge increase in production capacity. Also 6 of the new printers are Phrozen Sonics which print about twice as fast as any previous 3d printing technology. We also got 2 4K printers that will print at higher resolution than we were previously capable. These can be used for head sculpts and items with fine details.

More Painters

We're currently in the process of increasing the amount of help we have with painting items. This will help to eliminate that bottleneck. Within the next week we will have 6 people counting myself doing the hand painting of products. 

New Versions and Free Upgrades

Some people have said that I shouldn't have updated the Daywalker sets, and that they think they would all be delivered if I didn't. If you follow our social channel you'd know the v2 vest had 3D printing problems. I couldn't reliably get good prints and it slowed production on all products. When I redesigned it to the factories standards all of those problems went away. I don't just redesign things for fun, it costs me money. To make up for the delays, if I can improve a set or give a free upgrade then that's something I'll do. Everyone waiting on a daywalker set right now gets the Blade 1 shotgun with functional pump for free. This is intended to be a thank you to those who've been waiting as we work through these problems.

Status Updates & DM's

I give status updates regularly on this blog and at the one12shop pages on instagram and facebook. Please check for recent status updates before DMing or email me. I am getting too many messages and can't keep up with them and do the work that I need to do to meet our goals. It's to the point that I'd need to hire someone to answer messages for me and honestly I'd rather spend that money on more help with painting if needed.

Right now there are too many variables with all of this new capacity in place, new people, new processes etc for me to give accurate estimates on individual orders. The goal is all orders fulfilled before July, hopefully that is sufficient information for most people.


  • All existing orders fulfilled before July.
  • ONE12 Box to ship May or early June.
  • No more pre-orders, sell only stock starting the 2nd half of 2020