Changes Coming to ONE12 Shop!

by Brian Lowry on April 18, 2020

If you have an existing order these changes will not effect your order at all. They will apply to future orders once they are implemented.


Paint Applications

Beginning Monday April 20th we will no longer offer items with detailed paint applications. All items will have a base coat of paint. Guns will be black, punisher harness white etc. Don't worry though, you'll still be able to get your items detailed, more info below. We will still have photos that show items detailed so you can visualize how they will look when buying.


Why Change

These changes are born of necessity. As a micro-sized business, lowering complexity allows us to serve more people at a lower price. It's clear that we can't keep up with demand under the current model that includes us hand painting everything. 


3 ways you'll still be able to have your ONE12 Shop items detailed.

1. Paint them. We'll create a youtube video for every item with paint recommendations and a tutorial.

2. Buy the items and have them sent directly to a customizer of your choice to paint the details for you. We will have a list of recommended customizers at so that you can reach out to them and find a customizer to do your desired paint application for you.

3. Customizers can buy our items, detail them and sell them from their own stores, IG, or facebook without us competing. This allows customizers another way to make money by selling our unique items with their own touch. There will be a bulk discount for customizers who want to buy 10 or more.


Benefits of this Approach

More affordable - We'll be able to lower the cost of our items, making them more accessible to many collectors.

More options - Our focus will be on creating a wider variety of 1/12 products rather than solving the problem of hand painting everything.

An additional revenue stream for customizers - Hire your customizer of choice to take our custom accessories to the next level.

Learn to customize - Painting accessories is very approachable and you'll be able to use our youtube videos to learn if you want. 


ONE12 Box

This will apply to ONE12 Box as well. The price will be lowered on ONE12 Box and we will be able to increase the number of people who can purchase it. When the new price is set, anyone who purchased 4 boxes upfront, will get a partial refund to make up the difference. Each ONE12 Box will also have a video with paint detailing recommendations/tutorial. Just like with all of our products you can have a customizer detail the items for you if you'd like.

Our Goals for the First Half of 2020

  1. All existing orders fulfilled.

  2. No more pre-orders. Every item in stock.

  3. All products ship in 48 hours or less.